11 Tips for getting started in Real Estate

Getting started in real estate is HARD! But these 11 Tips will hopefully make it a little easier for you.


1 – Tell the world – The most important tip is you should post on Facebook / Insta / LinkedIn letting people know about your new career. Make sure you use the hashtag #LinkLearnMade, so we can find your post and help you get noticed, this will help you get a job (if you haven’t got one yet) or if you already have a job it will help you on the way to a successful career.

2 – Write up a bio about yourself – your office will most likely do this with you anyway, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to put some thought into what you want everyone knowing about you

3 – Get a ‘Professional’ Facebook – you don’t want your clients in your new career seeing what you get up to. So get a Professional Facebook Profile that stays professional where you can post about your job, property listings etc

4 – Market your qualifications – in real estate you’ll quickly find out that it’s not easy to be ‘new’, by advertising the fact that you have qualifications will assist you within your office and with your clients

5 – Stay current with news – know what’s happening within your market and within Australia’s market. You will want to be able to have educated conversations with your clients

6 – Stay sane – Real Estate is hard! Don’t lose yourself. It’s very easy to get entrenched into your new career and go crazy because you’re working lots of hours… Keep going to the gym, going for runs/walks, reading books, watching Game of Thrones or whatever you normally do to relax, this will help you to perform at your best

7 – Listen to experts – There is no secret to success, it’s been done before. Hop on to YouTube, watch some video tips from some of Australia’s best (for example Andrew Bell, Mat Steinwede, James Tostevin and Simon Caulfield)

8 – Don’t listen to ‘Armchair’ experts – you are going to have family, friends, colleagues and competitors all giving their advice, if they aren’t successful don’t listen to them

9 – Expect the worst – The first year is hard, don’t expect immediate success. But if you do the right things, the success will come

10 – Believe in yourself – you’ve decided to get into real estate because you think that you can do it. YOU CAN! Keep knowing that you can even when it’s tough (it will be).

11 – Your phone is your income – answer it when it rings, return people’s calls, call people to prospect. Don’t hide away on social media, get on your phone and make calls!