What happens after you submit all your assessments on the portal?
1 - We will start marking your work. Firstly, we check if you have forgotten to upload/complete anything. If this is the case we will reach out to you to ask you to send it in. (Note: this usually takes us just 7 days)

2 - Once you email this back to Vivian, we will start marking your Submission. Once we've marked your Submission Vivian will email you your incorrect responses to fix up and resubmit (Note: this usually takes us just 7 days for each assessment)

3 - After you've fixed up all your incorrect responses and resubmitted, we will mark this for you (Note: this usually takes us just 7 days for each assessment)

4 - Once we've marked your work and you've got everything correct, you will be sent a link to book in a time with Raymond (your Trainer) to do the role plays and competency conversations (read - LinkLearn.com.au/preparation-for-training-and-assessment)

5 - Raymond will then type up all of his reports (give him 7 days for this). Once we've finalised all your reports we will send you your balance course fees invoice (if you have a balance payment to make). Once this is paid you're all done and you will receive your results (your 'LinkLearn Certificate') give us 3 days for this.

Note: if you need your assessments marked quicker than the standard 7 days for each assessment, just contact Vivian and we will see how we can help