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“I have chosen to become fully licensed to build my online profile. In the 21st century vendors are choosing their agents by what they can find from an agent’s online profile. Being able to say that I am a Fully Licensed Real Estate Agent and Australia’s Number 1 Ranked Agent (REB Top 50 Women in Real Estate) goes a long way to making my online profile very attractive to potential vendors. I chose to do my full licence course with LinkLearn as I know they work with busy, experienced agents. They understand that busy agents don’t have time to sit in classes and time away from work and family. If you are an experienced agent, you need to become fully licensed or you will fall behind."

Helen Yan - Number 1 Ranked Agent (REB Top 50 Women in Real Estate)

Hi Lane, I would like to extend a big thank you to you and the team for assisting me in gaining my Real Estate Licence. Very impressed with the communication and ease of the course. Not only have I gained my Licence, on top of that I have recently been granted a company licence to operate my own business called One Agency Mark Mitchell Real Estate.

Mark Mitchell - One Agency Mark Mitchell Real Estate

LinkLearn made my study incredibly easy. After 2 days I finished the entire real estate course, as opposed to doing a 6 month course and waiting to do certain units, then having to wait for it to be marked, and having to stress about failing. This study is completely self-paced and wonderful! I can now move up in the ranks, which has made me especially happy! They are all so kind and helpful, literally reply to my queries straight away too, no waiting 24 hour. Plus, Yay - I passed!

Brea Marshall - Recently Completed Student

Ultimately I chose LinkLearn because of all of the agents that were referring them to me. There are a lot of other companies out there offering a Licensing Course, but LinkLearn is truly unique, I know this because I have tried twice elsewhere to complete my Licensing Course before completing with LinkLearn.

Anthony Molinaro - Stockdale & Leggo

I have tried once to get full licence from somewhere else some years ago, by distance learning, paid $2200, got lots of books. Too much to read, I am too busy! I chose LinkLearn because I don’t want to be in a classroom and out of work for 5 working days. Luckily I found LinkLearn.
Because of my experience, I got my licence within a week! I am so happy with this experience and have no hesitation to recommend LinkLearn to anybody who wants to get a licence at all!

Zora Liu - LJ Hooker

I was very worried as l am in my late 50's and thought l was biting off more than l might haver been able to handle. But the crew at Linklearn helped me to stay on track and l was finished in a couple of weeks. I have already recommended some one today to contact them as they wish to do the same course as l have just completed. I won't be worried to do something online again. Thanks for all your help.

Wendy Kerr - DCK Real Estate Bendigo

Since finding out about LinkLearn, I have never been happier and more satisfied with the service the company provides. I completed the course in 4 days and you made it easy and were there to offer help at all times. The material was easy to understand and follow not to mention you being there to answer any questions.

Jo Leonardis - hockingstuart Richmond

It's important to create a point of difference in a very competitive market place.
Being Fully Licensed shows clients that you are here for the long term, not just a year or 2. 
It's important to show my clients that I have experience and knowledge in all facets in real estate.
Marketing the difference that I am a Fully Licensed agent will gain you more business.

Simon Caulfield - Place Estate Agents

I wanted to progress in the Real Estate Industry, and that's exactly why I decided to upgrade to my Licence. I was lucky enough to be allocated to a great tutor, Lane Cathcart. He helped me throughout the entire process and was very patient with me. I was able to contact him anytime during the day or at night and he was very prompt with getting back to me.

Lane continually offered excellent support and advise throughout the course. The course work provided was helpful to my day to day real estate work and with Lane’s great help I was able to finish the course with ease.

I would definitely recommend using Linklearn to my colleagues as the team that was involved in helping me was efficient and accommodating. Thank you so much for all your help and I really appreciate the time that was put in to me.

Amanda Michael - hockingstuart South Yarra

Thank you for your help in obtaining my Certificate IV in Property Services. The way your course is structured I believe is the very best in the business.  Having taken many other courses in the past yet this has been the best. Your team has been very helpful from start to finish and I was very impressed that even after hours you were there to help me. 

Prior to this course I had enrolled with another renowned training program and it was going to take me over a year to obtain this Certificate - There was a lack of help and email replies would take over 48 hours. 

In response to this, you and your team have been there from start to finish and the course is very well structured. I would highly recommend that  anyone looking to obtain there Certificate IV in Property Services should first and foremost speak with LINKLEARN. Thank you very much for your help and I am looking forward to dealing with you and your team in the near future for extra training programs.

Geraint Gardner - Ray White Patterson Lakes

I chose to become fully licensed to give myself an edge over the competition and to provide me with extra legitimacy when talking to potential sellers. I originally approached a different provider to obtain my license but found their process to be too long, time consuming and a waste of time which I had very little of.

I found out about Linklearn through a colleague whom had a very good experience so I signed on, within a month of getting all the paperwork, I had my license completed. The process was very easy and if I had any problems with the coursework, the team at Linklearn were there to assist in every way possible. Cannot recommend Linklearn enough for anyone looking to get their license, don’t make the same mistake I did!

Jonathon Agosta - hockingstuart Werribee

To Lane & the team at LinkLearn, Thank you for assisting me get my Full License, I found the whole experience to be a hassle free and easy to follow process. I had chosen to become fully licensed because I want to be a professional in the industry. There are a lot of agents out there that don’t take Real Estate seriously, and never want to upgrade to become a professional, but not me! I want to prove to my clients that going through me is the safest and best option. Over 90 of the top 100 earning agents in Australia are Fully Licensed, which is no surprise!

It doesn’t make sense to take time off work to go do a course, I don’t know any successful agents that can afford to take time away from work to do a course. So I chose LinkLearn, after doing extensive research I found that other courses had workshops, exams, and other mandatory activities that would require me to take time off.

If you are an experienced agent, you need to becoming fully licensed or you will fall behind.

Paul Simpson - Queensland Virtual Realty


Having made the huge decision to change careers after 15 years in my own hospitality business, my main focus was to achieve my goals as quickly as possible without having to take my eye off the ball. I didn’t want to nor could I afford to take time away from growing my new career. So I went on the search for a smarter more efficient way to obtain my Full License and formalise what my business background had taught me. Enter Lane Cathcart & linklearn.

Lane is a true professional that totally understands what a busy agent like me needs to get from point A to point B, he and his team helped me achieve the fully licensed status in record time! and because the course was flexible enough for me to do in my own time I was even able to achieve “Sales Rookie of the Year” and get accredited as an Auctioneer at the same time!. I can’t praise the Linklearn way of getting licensed highly enough. Thank you Lane for all your help!

Max Pisano - Eview Group


Many thanks for the personalized support while completing my full agent license through you. After all the hassle and attitude I received from ‘another provider’ (not to mention the $25 they wanted to check what modules I had completed with them) you have made the transition from sales certificate to a fully licensed agent a stress free one.

The ability to complete the work at home and in my own time has meant I have been able to continue to development new business opportunities.

Being a fully licensed agent has not only opened up new business opportunities but it has also strengthened and validated my 9 years real estate experience to clients.

I will be recommending Lane and the LinkLearn team to everyone in the real estate industry.

Joshua George - Ray White East Brisbane


Choosing LinkLearn to obtain my estate agent’s license was on of the best decisions I made. Lane was very helpful throughout, and always prompt with replying to my emails. In such a competitive industry, becoming fully licensed is very important and allows you to have a point of difference and more creditability when sourcing business. LinkLearn allowed me to get my license without having to miss out on valuable time and I was able to complete all work around my busy schedule. Thank you to the whole team at LinkLearn!

Allen Lazar - LJ Hooker Craigieburn


I have chosen to become fully licensed because I want a point of differenece in the market place and in my office. Tehre is a lot of competition out there, and I want to prove to my vendors that going thorugh me is the safest and best option and being fully licensed gives vendors that reassurance.

There are a lot of differences between a Sales Registration and a Full License, and Fully Licensed Agents are now educating their vendors about why they should only use an agent that is fully licensed. I didn’t want to take any time away from listing and selling, so I chose LinkLearn, after doing extensive research I found that other courses had workshops, exams, and other mandatory activities that would require me to take time off.

If you are an experience again, you need to becoming fully licensed to stay on top of the game.

Sam Mayes - Ray White Spring Hill

To Lane & the team at LinkLearn, Thank you for assisting me get my Full License, I found the whole experience to be a hassle free and easy to follow process. With over 12 years experience in the industry I felt that it was time to get my Full License, not because I ‘needed’ it but because I believe that being a Fully Licensed Estate Agent gives you more credibility in the market place.

The fact that I was able to complete my course at my own pace and that I didn’t need to take valuable time away from my business of listing and selling properties was invaluable to me. Your support and encouragement along the way was very much appreciated, and thank you for your patience as well. Now that I am fully licensed I will be educating the market place about the difference between a Fully Licensed Estate Agent and an Agent Representative. Thanks again, and I have no hesitation in recommending LinkLearn as the way to attain your Full License.

John Bradbury - Noel Jones Real Estate Balwyn

Thank you for helping me complete my course and become Fully Licensed, your consistent follow ups and support was very valuable and much appreciated. I never thought that I needed to get my License but I now that I have completed the process and have my License it is definitely something that all Agents should be completing, a Fully Licensed Estate Agent with over 7 years experience sounds a lot better than an Agent Representative with over 7 years experience.

Being able to complete my course at a pace the suited me was so valuable as taking time off work sitting in a classroom was never going to be the most effective way for me, I’m here to list and sell and taking time off work attending workshops or classes is time away from making sales. If anyone ever ask me where should I go to complete my full license, I will have no hesitation in recommending them to contact you. You make the whole process as easy as possible.

Jeremy Cleaver - Buckingham & Company Estate Agents, Diamond Valley


I became fully licensed because it’s a tough market and I wanted a point of difference. I looked into other cheeper courses and even Government Funded Courses, they all required me to take time off work or take 12 months to complete. If I had enrolled into a cheaper course, I would have missed listings and therefore costing me a lot more. I was able to complete LinkLearn’s Accelerated Licensing Course at my own pace and in my own time, NO time off work, NO missed sales, NO extra costs! I would, and already have recommended colleagues and friends to do their training with LinkLearn.

Vito Amore - Professionals Caroline Springs

There is no doubt that property sellers and buyers are preferring to work with fully licensed real estate agents in today’s competitive and challenging market. Following extensive research into licence courses I became somewhat confused at the varied prices and time frames quoted for licensing courses from different training organisations and businesses, all basically offering the same level of qualification.

Following a recommendation from a work colleague to LinkLearn, I found their pricing very competitive to others quoted and the level of service that Lane Cathcart provided to me from my initial contact right through to completion of the course was exceptional. The whole process was totally professional, interesting & informative in content, and fully completed on line in a very short time.

Greg Board - Hot Property Realty


As a senior sales consultant and having worked in the industry with over 17 years, I wanted to back up my credibility as an agent in my local area. I believe that being a fully licensed increases my clients’ confidence in me knowing that their working with an Educated Real Estate Professional. in this highly competitive field.

As a busy agent I did not have time to take away from making sales by attending classrooms or sitting extensive exams on the things I already knew. English is my second language and being able to complete everything in my time was essential for me. LinkLearn was able to help me complete my course at my own pace and without taking a single day off work.

My 17+ years of Real Estate experience was used to exempt me from areas of the course and their level of support to help me complete the course requirements was exceptional. Highly recommend LinkLearn to anyone looking to get their license.

Ilia Menkinoski - Harcourts Thomastown


I always believed that I wanted to become Fully Licensed and that it is an essential tool within our industry. As a senior sales consultant and having worked in the industry with twenty eight years experience, I wanted to ensure my optimum credibility as an agent in my local area and this highly competitive field. I also believe that nowbeing fully licensed enhances my clients’ confidence in me knowing that their interests are represented and serviced by an Educated Real Estate Professional.

Like all busy Real estate professionals, I certainly did not have spare time to take away from making sales, and to schedule and attend classrooms or sit extensive exams. LinkLearn was able to help me complete my course without taking a single day off work. Their level of support to help me complete the course requirements, and most importantly, at my schedule and pace was exceptional.

If you always thought like I did that it was too hard to get your License, rest assured it’s not anymore. The speed, ease and convenience of the whole process is first class and something that I recommend to all within the industry.

Do not put it off and give LinkLearn a call and they will able to explain exactly how easy and convenient it is and what you need to do to complete your License.

Rob Sarosi - Sweeney Estate Agents

I want the best outcomes for my clients. Being fully licensed backs up my experience and provides me with more credentials and respect in the industry. I am an extremely busy agent, trying to keep a healthy balance of family, work and play.

I thought that I would be too busy to complete a full license course, however with LinkLearn, I didn’t take any time away from work or my family and LinkLearn did all the hard work for me. LinkLearn, unlike other courses, were able to use my experience in the industry to exempt me from the areas that I do day in day out.

It took me just 3 days to complete.

I would recommend that everyone chooses LinkLearn.

Ben White - Place Estate Agents, New Farm

LinkLearn is setting new standards in education for Real Estate industry. Anybody interested in looking to get themselves licensed and ready for property industry, look no further. No other school can match the ease and speed. People @ LinkLearn are amazing they help you on every step of the way. I am very thankful to them for they made me licensed Agent Representative in just a week.


Harman Sidhu - Recently completed student


The online delivery and self paced learning assessments made the whole experience very enjoyable, stress free and incredibly flexible. I actually feel that I have learnt more and retained the information better when I was able to engage in my studies at a time that was most suitable for me and when I could be 100% focused.

The support offered was also great and has I required further assistance I am positive the response time would have been very prompt, allowing me to complete assessments with the help needed in a time frame suited to me.

Rachael Gibbs - Recently Completed Student


What an amazing, professional training facilitator. From the minute I signed up with LinkLearn, I was contacted by my own tutor who was there for me any time of the day or week. I couldn't recommend LinkLearn enough to those who are thinking of getting their real estate representatives certificate. Very professional and a pleasure to deal with.

Nicole Scott - Recently completed student


Fantastic course structure!! Friendly, easy going staff who were always there to help me with my queries! I highly recommend LinkLearn for those who want to skip all the fluffing about & get straight to the point with what they want to learn in their specified field.

Aristidis Parente - Recently Completed Student