Get more listings from your Digital Profile

I’ve spoken to 1000s and 1000s of agents about upgrading to become fully licensed over many years and something that the more experienced agents usually say is ‘I don’t need to become fully licensed because I’ve never been asked if I am or not’.


I completely agree with this. Not many people would ask if an agent is fully licensed or not and a few years back, not many vendors or landlords would even know the difference between someone that is and isn’t Fully Licensed.


When the internet and the advent of hit our industry and changed the way we presented property and qualified buyer enquiry – few agents realised that it had also changed how vendors and landlords discovered and qualified real estate agents.


The saying “You only get one chance to make a first impression” is now out-dated, as in the 21st-century-24-hour-digital-marketplace, agents don’t even get that one chance anymore…


Potential vendors and landlords are pre-qualifying agents, and making a decision before agents even get to meet them.


Vendors and landlords are deciding whether or not to contact agents based on the agents’ online profile. We call this the digital interview and what agents present in their digital interview will determine whether or not they get clicked.


Aaron Yeats from Barry Plant Eltham, is a great agent that I’ve know for many years. When he became fully licensed he changed his title on his company website to ‘Fully Licensed Real Estate Agent’ and noticed an increase in enquiries. Find out what else drove Aaron to become fully licensed.


We’ve been able to help agents gain more listings by improving their digital profile attractiveness, their scripts and dialogues, so they get clicked more.


Get clicked, list more and earn more.