Getting started in Real Estate – Tips

Here are some amazing tips from Directors we’ve worked with on Getting started in Real Estate:

If you don’t already have a job lined up, right now is an absolute great time to get into Real Estate. When applying for roles in Real Estate, you should always include that you have completed your course from LinkLearn somewhere near the top of your resume and attached your LinkLearn Certificate.

A LinkLearn Certificate gives employers confidence that you’ve been properly trained and ready to hit the ground running. A LinkLearn Certificate is seen as credible when you are entering the job market.

If you are applying for jobs, that you take your application to the next level by replacing the traditional cover letter with a short, 2-minute personal video.

You should cover the following three points:
Your experience, skills and a bit about who you are as a person
How you will apply your skills to the industry
What your goals are for Real Estate as a career
You can actually do this for any jobs you apply for – simply upload your video to DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive etc. and include the ‘sharing link’ on your resume.

 Find out as much information as possible about the office(s) you want to work for. Is it a large franchise, if so, who founded it? Or perhaps it is privately owned? What are they looking to achieve in the future? What happens in the surrounding area, are there schools a local shopping centre or even a hospital that may attract people into the area? What’s the demographic in the area? How will it affect sales and renting?

Arrange a script: Practice it the plenty of times but be open to change, if you’re put on the spot, how will you respond? Practice different scenarios you may end up in; what will you do when asked a question you are unsure how to answer? Learn the basic terminology of Real Estate. This shows you’ve done some research, Real Estate involves plenty of this and agents are looking for people who show initiative (Google – Real Estate Terminology).

Plan your trip: Taking the car? Make sure you’re not driving in peak hour traffic if you can avoid it – leave early and find a café nearby to wait in before your interview starts. Taking public transport? Plan for delays and alternate routes. If you’re walking on a rainy day, don’t forget an umbrella. You don’t want to show up looking like a wet dog. Most importantly, don’t be late, Real Estate agents are busy and don’t have time to be waiting around; this will affect your chances of employment drastically.

What to bring: Copies of your resumes, notebook, pen, reference letters, referee contacts (name, position, number) and customer testimonials are all important. Oh, and a bottle of water is always handy – some interviews can take upwards of 45 minutes – it will keep you hydrated and it will show you’re prepared!

What are they looking for in a new employee?

  1. Passion – Every successful agent shows passion for the industry, the work is tough, so you must love it! (They always say it’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle)
  2. Authenticity – Real Estate doesn’t deal well with fakes. Be yourself and have fun.
  3. Confidence & Amiability – You’re going to be doing a lot of talking – own the conversation – but keep in mind you are dealing with people which means you must always be friendly and professional at the same time.
  4. Autonomy – Take initiative and show what you’re capable of; this makes everyone’s job easy!
  5. Reliability – Your success in Real Estate depends on showing up – on time – every single day (including some weekends)



These are questions that you will be asked to see if you are the perfect fit. Prepare for them.

  • Tell me about yourself?” What influenced you to apply for a position in Real Estate? Explain your current situation, relevant work experience, skills and educational qualifications followed by your reason for applying at the agency, and why you believe you would be suited for the position advertised. Ensure it aligns with the job description.
  • Why should we hire you?” Tell the interviewer(s) about your unique skill set and how they would contribute to the real estate agency and the position advertised. Would you say you can handle high-pressure situations? Give an example of this.
  • What is your biggest weakness?” Choose at least one that can be turned into a strength; no one is perfect at everything and you don’t have to be either.
  • Tell me about a major problem you have recently handled?” Show you can overcome difficult situations and can remain calm and focused while doing so.
  • What do you know about our brand/agency?” Talk up the brand/agency based on your homework of their history, unique selling proposition and facts (awards won, company culture). Remind them that you want to learn from the best, they’ll love it!
  • What are some of your goals?” Show your intended commitment to the agency by telling them of your long-term goals, i.e. “I plan to live a rewarding lifestyle (nice house, car, travel etc.), I plan to work towards being a successful agent and get Fully Licensed” – all of this will require hard work.

Most importantly – be yourself, have fun & kick goals.