How to become a Real Estate Agent

This is how to become a real estate agent in Victoria / Queensland / New South Wales / Western Australia

There are only a handful of careers out there which you can jump into at any point of your life – Real Estate is one of them, you are able to become a real estate agent at any stage in your life (I’ve helped 18 year olds to 76 year olds).

The path to how to become a real estate agent can be broken down into two main parts – the first of which is gaining the necessary qualifications (which you can read about here). Once this simple step is complete, you must then find yourself an opportunity to gain some experience, which you can read about here.


So, you got your foot in the door and you are eagerly awaiting your first day on the job – now, how to become a real estate agent?

There are a few key points about the industry and those that work in it that you will have to understand and even incorporate into your own person. The first is the fact that you are essentially in a service industry – you will be working with and for the people. Almost anyone is capable of being a ‘people person’, but you will need to spend some time thinking about how you will be particularly great at this – perhaps start with identifying areas you might not be confident in, as well as those that you are.

The next point is of course the income possibilities. As you would know from the media and your own general knowledge, becoming a Real Estate Agent certainly can have financial perks – in Sales, for example, your income is only limited by how hard you work. Traditionally, this has brought with it some ‘negative’ connotations about the industry due to the methods used by some, however don’t let that deter you – as the industry evolves, a wider understanding of the ‘customer service’ side of things gets stronger. Truly caring about your clients should be a focus point for yourself becoming a Real Estate Agent.

There is also a degree of flexibility in a lot of roles, although this means you do need to be readily available for almost all times of the day (including weekends) – being able to cope with big days & long weeks is one of the many attributes you will need to become a Real Estate Agent.

If you want to become a Real Estate Agent, you will need to have a few other key attributes (or at least the eagerness to develop them from your current levels). Working both in a team or on your own with minimal supervision, attention to detail, ability to build relationships and the will to learn as much as you can about your office’s focus location (usually the surrounding suburbs in traditional agencies) will all be crucial to your success.


Hopefully this has explained the basics of how to become a real estate agent.