How To Nail Your Online Interview

It is safe to say that social media has become a part of our daily lives. We log and share nearly everything. We share pictures of that fun BBQ we had over the weekend and comment on posts that our (online) friends share with us. But how much could your online behaviour affect your career when getting started in real estate?

On a daily basis we work very closely with real estate agents and agencies. We want to see our students get started in real estate as soon as they complete their course. To help you get started in real estate, you need to know what employers are looking for when they are hiring. We summed up a few tips so you will nail that first (online) impression and win the online interview!

1. Keep your private life, private
Make sure the pictures of that BBQ can only be accessed by close friends and are not shared by the public. On Facebook you can activate ‘Timeline Review’. With Timeline Review you need to approve of photos people tagged you in to appear on your timeline. This way you decide what appears on your timeline and not your friends.

2. Let the world know what you want
The power of social media is creating and sharing content, as well as to participating in online networking. How can your friends help you if they don’t know what you want? Post about completing your real estate course and let the world know you’re ready to get started in real estate. This works!

3. Use LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. You can use LinkedIn as your resume, so it would be wise to make it spotless. Show off your education! You can add LinkLearn as your University when you edit your profile under ‘Education’. Real Estate offices regularly access our students. Many students have gained employment via LinkedIn.

4. Hashtags are the new Google, especially on Instagram
Use them if you want to get noticed. Real Estate offices know they can use #LinkLearnMade to look on social media for qualified people that have completed their real estate course with us. Quick tip: get someone to take a picture of you with your certificate, post it on your social media profile. This way we can track you and put you forward to Real Estate offices or they can even track you directly.

Use these 4 quick tips on how to nail that online interview. Social media really is a part of the recruitment process. #LinkLearnMade will help you!