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Students will enrol and complete the course with The Australian School of Business & Law (RTO # 31206).

IMPORTANT: By completing this Registration Form you are authorising LinkLearn to deduct the course fee from your provided Credit Card.
If you have chosen a Monthly Payment Plan, your provided Credit Card will be deducted on the day of you completing the registration form and then on the monthly anniversary of today’s date (+/- 3 days, due to weekends and public holidays) until all payments have been successfully completed (payment dates are able to be changed with approval of LinkLearn's CEO in writing). If payment is in arrears, your course fee may be deducted without notice on a date that isn't +/- 3 days of the monthly anniversary of enrolment date.

In accordance with Clause 7.3 of the Standards for RTO’s, fees collected in advance of services provided will not exceed $1500
If course fees are greater than $1500, the following schedule will be implemented:
$1,500 Prior to Commencement
Balance Upon Issue of RPL Materials