How to Start Work in Real Estate

How to Start Work in Real Estate

Most roles in Real Estate will require you to have completed a minimum legal requirement of education – in fact, most Real Estate Agencies won’t even consider your application if you have not at least completed the course. This will mean completing certain units of study as dictated by your State of Australia’s regulatory body. For some states, you are also then required to register with the regulatory body and pay a small fee, which is renewed periodically; in other states, you simply need to give the qualifications to your employer.

Once you are deemed ‘registered’ to work in real estate, you can then start looking for opportunities.

These days, applying for jobs can seem like a very simple task, especially with plenty of online services available – do not be fooled! The best way to start work in Real Estate is to be proactive. Going into an Agency in person is still the tried & trusted way of getting your ‘foot in the door’. The reason for this is that most job ads receive hundreds of applications – too many for any hiring manager to effectively go through, limiting your chances of being shortlisted for an interview. Also, even offices that ‘aren’t hiring’ are always looking for the next best agent and will not pass up an opportunity to take you on board if they think you have what it takes.

Once you have made it to the interview stage, the next step to starting work in Real Estate is to nail your interview. This starts with being prepared. Plan your travel to get there early and ensure you are dressed as if it was your first day at work (this means business attire!). Small things like checking the weather and bringing an umbrella, for example, go a long way.

Now for the interview, you will need to sell yourself and your skills to the interviewer and make sure they know what you can contribute to the business. Complimenting them on how well they do and telling them you want to ‘learn from the best’ is a sure-fire way to be remembered – this will require doing research on the business itself, including things like: are they a franchise or an independent? Do they focus on residential or commercial real estate? How long have they been operating in the area & what is their point of difference in the marketplace? The agency website is the best place to find this information.

At the end of the day, the best way to Start Work in Real Estate is to just go for it. You would be surprised how many job offers are made every day to people who go in and simply make a great first impression – a key skill that real estate agents need to be successful in the industry.