Info Packs, Policies and Important Student Information

These documents are very important to read prior to enrolment.

Students are provided and have access to these documents multiple times to read prior to enrolment. Students on multiple occasions must agree that they have read and agree with LinkLearn Policies and information provided in the Info Packs, and therefore have made an informed decision to apply for enrolment in our course.

Students have permanent access to the below documents prior to enrolment, during the course and after course completion. If you would like access to any of the below documents please contact us on 1300 877 735. 


Induction Handbook -

  1. Info Pack 1 - Corporate Details - provides you with the corporate details for the RTO
  2. Info Pack 2 - Legislation - includes the legislative and regulatory requirements, explanation of the relevant legislation, compliance and our commitment to quality
  3. Info Pack 3 - Qualifications - information regarding our courses in each state, plus FAQ’s about the new training package
  4. Info Pack 4 - Licensing - covers licensing requirements in each state
  5. Info Pack 5 - Fees - explains all fees payable to the RTO, fee protection, payment terms and conditions and that courses are GST exempt
  6. Info Pack 6 - Refunds - information about refunds, under normal circumstances all course fees are non-refundable and our reminders that enrolments expire 6 months after enrolment activation
  7. Info Pack 7 - Awarding Credit - information for awarding Credit for Credit Transfer, Recognition of Prior Learning and the process involved
  8. Info Pack 8 - RPL Explained - in-depth information about Recognition of Prior Learning
  9. Info Pack 9 - Admissions - information about LinkLearn’s entry requirements, including pre-enrolment details
  10. Info Pack 10 - Unique Student Identifier - explains in detail about your USI, personal data and verification
  11. Info Pack 11 - Training, Practice and Assessment - information about what's involved in your course, duration, difficulty... etc
  12. Info Pack 12 - Certification - explains our Certification policy, what we need to include on your certificate and how we identify you as the student
  13. Info Pack 13 - Privacy - information about privacy and your personal information
  14. Info Pack 14 - Plagiarism - explains our responsibility around plagiarism and what happens if we suspect a learner of plagiarism
  15. Info Pack 15 - Complaints - information about managing complaints, our process and supporting our learners


Policy Manual -

  1. Access and Equity Policy - an explanation of how our learning and assessment incorporate access and equity principles and the legislation that underpins all matters related to access and equity at LinkLearn
  2. AQF Qualifications Levels Policy - guidelines for AQF qualifications we must follow
  3. National VET Data Policy - details relating to National VET Data Policy, collection requirements, access and disclosure and administration
  4. National VET Provider Collection Data Requirements Policy - explains the requirements for all RTO’s to report nationally recognised training to NCVER
  5. Learner Code of Conduct - information about your principles and purpose as a learner
  6. Trainer Code of Conduct - information about our trainers principles and purpose for training and assessment
  7. Complaints Policy - explanation of our complaints policy in detail including assessment appeals
  8. AQF Qualifications Issuance Policy - information about how we issue AQF qualifications and statements of attainments, including purpose, scope and monitoring
  9. ASQA Certification Policy - explanation of Certification using templated diagrams
  10. Privacy Policy USI Registrar - includes information about how we keep your personal information private
  11. Continuous Improvement Policy - explanation of how we continuously strive to improve our service delivery
  12. COVID-19 Policy - information about impacts of Covid-19 on hours of operations and assessment questions
  13. Data Storage Policy - explains protocol levels of data storage, procedures and dropbox usage
  14. Transition Policy - information about the superseded training package CPP40307 (no longer on scope)