Time management tips for starting a career in Real Estate

Time management tips for starting a career in Real Estate

Tip 1: Plan Your Day (Realistically)
This might seem like common sense, but it is often overlooked with both people starting a career in Real Estate and experienced real estate agents.

Sales Agents know better than anyone how reactive the industry can be. You may have allocated one hour to follow up your emails, however; a single phone call can change your motion and availability for the day. Be realistic with your perception of time; if you are averaging 5 meaningful buyer calls per day, for your reaction activity period.

A great way to be both reactive and get things done is to use ‘Time Snippets’ effectively. Time Snippets are periods of low productivity, such as when you are waiting for a meeting, a call back or on hold to someone. Creating a to-do list that can be worked on during these periods will help improve your productivity throughout the day, especially when you're just starting a career in Real Estate.

TIP 2: Learn How to Analyse and Prioritise
People starting a career in Real Estate are constantly on the go – whether it be taking calls, in and out of meetings or out at listing presentations – which means you need to be able to focus on what’s most important without missing everything else.

As a person just starting your career in Real Estate, it is important to keep busy.
It is also important to take the time to focus and analyse what your goals and tasks are for the day, week or month. Really reflect on your goals and actively decide on the tasks that will contribute best to achieving them.

From there, prioritising becomes a lot easier. Once you’ve organised your tasks, you can then go about allocating the ‘Time Snippet’ to each and in what order, but remember; prioritising isn’t just about ordering from most important to least– it’s about acknowledging that without completing certain tasks first, you won’t work productively and it will be much harder to achieve your goals and succeed in your business.

TIP 3: Utilise Technology
It is no secret that successful agents are often the ones that work hard, put in effort and are dedicated to the job. Fortunately, to support our high-intensity career, we live in fast-moving technology-driven era. If you ever found yourself contemplating ‘if only there was an easier way to do this...’, chances are the technology does exist (and it’s always getting better!).

Embracing new technology can be daunting, as often the concept of learning a new program or process can seem like more work than necessary, but all of Australia’s best agents agree that investment in new time management platforms (and other extremely helpful technology) really pays off (and can do so faster than expected).

Being a person just starting a career in Real Estate, use this to your advantage; implement great time management platforms earlier on, familiarise yourself with what’s out there and follow in the footsteps of the best. This will help develop a competitive advantage over others who are yet to embrace less traditional methods but remember; what is now considered ‘old-school’ was once itself a new and exciting idea or product and was eventually widely adapted to in the long-run, so eventually your competitors will catch up. It is therefore crucial to lead the way and be an innovator.