Top 6 Apps and Online Tools for Real Estate Agents

There are a variety of apps and technologies available that can help make your job as a Real Estate Agent easier. Here’s our list of the Top 6 apps and online tools to assist you to stay informed, organized and on top of your game.

Top 6 Apps and online Tools for Real Estate Agents:

Gmail and Google Calendar

Gmail and Google Calendar easily sync with your iPhone or android to keep you organised and up to date wherever you are.

Marketing apps

Mobile apps are fast becoming an essential tool for marketing property. If you want your agency to get ahead it is a good idea to invest in developing an app for your business that allows potential clients to browse through properties easily on their mobile phones.


Evernote makes it easy for you to collect information across all your devices. This includes web pages, research and notes from colleagues, allowing you to remember everything you need or simply want.


This is a LinkedIn app that turns business cards into contacts when you take a photograph of it.

Brewster Address Book

Making networking, prospecting and reconnecting a breeze, this app allows you to merge your contacts from iPhone, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Twitter and Foursquare.


This app brings Microsoft Office to your device and allows you to create, share and edit document wherever you are.

Apps and technologies may change the way people search for homes, but they also allow real estate agents to do their job more efficiently. As technology continues to transform the way we do things, real estate agents need to seek to understand how these changes impact their industry and keep up with the buying processes of their clients and potential clients.