Why PMs should upgrade to a full licence?

Property managers are an extraordinary group, with skills and experience across business development, marketing, accounting, asset management, relationship management…and then there’s crisis and conflict resolution.

Many of these skills are learned at work, through work or for the purpose of work, but it can be difficult for property managers to demonstrate their value to potential landlords, or even potential employers.

So how do you stand out and get the recognition you deserve?

To understand what appeals to potential landlords or employers when they are weighing the worth of a property manager, you need to take a walk in their shoes.

For a potential landlord, it is difficult to distinguish what makes a good property manager. For a potential employer, it’s even harder to differentiate between two ‘senior’ property managers.

One of the best ways to distinguish yourself  as a professional property manager is to bear a professional qualification. Becoming a Fully Licensed Real Estate Agent builds trust from your potential landlords and gives you the confidence that comes with professional personal branding.

Upgrading to a Full Real Estate Licence Qualification can be simpler than you might think. If you have experience working as a property manager, LinkLearn can recognise and assess the learning that you have gained during your work and help you with upgrading your professional qualifications without classrooms or exams.

If you aren’t already licensed and you’re struggling to get the recognition you deserve, give Lane a call on 1300 877 735 or email [email protected] to help you make your experience count.